“I became involved twelve years ago when Lowell Jones, museum curator, found one of my husband’s tugboats and acquired it for the logging museum,” says Jean Puckett, longtime Friends of  Collier Park treasurer.

“It’s been interesting to meet so many people I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to meet otherwise,” she says, “and I loved going to the Oregon State Parks and Recreation Department conferences with my friend, Eleanor Ehlers.”

Jean has been a hard worker for the logging museum for all these years, contributing her time and energy to the annual Logger’s breakfast, gift shop, and as long-time treasurer for the Friends of Collier State Park.

She has recently decided it’s time to turn over the treasurer’s job to Renie Ehlers.

“I hope the Friends group continues. The park manager needs their help. There’s no doubt the gift shop makes plenty of money, thanks to the efforts of the all-volunteer staff,” says Jean. “It’s been a very pleasant group of people to work with. If anyone is interested, we’re very glad to have new members!”

Jean Puckett is also thanked for her many generous donations to the logging museum. She’s not only been a “Friend”, she’s been a “Best Friend!”

Jean’s husband, O.K. Puckett, contracted to unload the logs from trucks at Agency Lake landing, and to raft and tow them to the Algoma Plant from April 1937 to October 1943. It is said of O.K. that he did not ride inside the tugboat cabin during these hauls. Instead he was out on the raft and “all over it like a cat and he didn’t think he was wet until his hat floated.” One of the boats was found abandoned 12 years ago and rescued from its watery grave, it is now on display at the logging museum.