(Published 2004 Friends newsletter) Scott and Jan McCollum have donated more than 30 pieces of historic logging equipment! Steam engines, trucks and equipment used by loggers during the late 1800s to mid-1900s are part of a significant collection of historic, often one-of-a-kind logging industry memorabilia recently donated to Collier Park’s Logging Museum by Scott McCollum.

According to news coverage by Lee Juillerat of the Herald and News, “McCollum lives in the Rogue Valley and owns the Rogue Regency Inn in Medford. His family history in the Klamath Basin, however, dates back to when his grandfather, George, a Grants Pass blacksmith, began logging operations in the late 1890s using a steam-powered tractor engine that he bought for $5 that had to be winched out of the 500-foot deep Smith River Canyon. George McCollum later built a lumber mill near Keno. He eventually expanded his operation, McCollum Lumber, to include a mill along the Link River and another along Upper Klamath Lake near Pelican City. Scott McCollum’s father, Melvin, continued and expanded the business, which included a retail lumber yard in Klamath Falls, and later, in Grants Pass.”

Park manager, Jim Beauchemin, says of the McCollum gifts, "They represent significant technology that is important to interpreting the historical story presented at this regional museum.” Steam engines, Mac trucks, a logging arch, a Holt 60 engine, and circular saws are just a few of the many important items in this collection.